God Can Take Bad Situations and Turn Them for Good

God can take bad situations and turn them around for good. Take, for instance, Philip from the Book of Acts. Philip was distributing food among the believers in Jerusalem. He was known as a spiritual man, but his real potential in ministry was unknown. Suddenly heavy persecution broke out in Jerusalem. Most of the believers fled for their lives seeking safety in surrounding towns and regions. Sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? However, Acts 8:4 says those who fled “preached the word wherever they went.” The adversity in Jerusalem caused a scattering of the believers, but led to preaching of the gospel in new places and to the emergence of more ministers.

It was the adversity in Jerusalem that brought the good news to Samaria. Philip went from distributing natural food to distributing spiritual food as evangelist, miracle worker, deliverer, and healer in Samaria. Philip was equipped, was gifted, and was a man full of the Spirit and wisdom before the adversity. Then God took a bad situation and used it for good. He’ll do the same for you.

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