God is Not a "Hard Man"

Some Christians have a harsh view of God the Father. Their view is similar to one of the men in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. One man was given five talents, another was given two talents, and another was given one talent. The first two men took risk and invested their talents and doubled their investment bringing affirmation from their boss.

However, the man with one talent did not invest but hid his talent and got no return. He said to his boss "I was afraid of you because you are a ‘hard man’." This man’s view of the boss was that of a harsh task master who would pounce on any failure. His decision to hide his talent was fueled by the fear of losing the money with the consequence of punishment from a ‘hard man.’.

If your view of God is that of a ‘hard man’ you will tend to operate out of fear rather than out of love. ou will take few risks because of the fear of failure. This view of God results in fear-based rather than faith-based living. It is based in the old covenant rather than the new covenant. Got faith?? Invest it! God is not a "hard man."

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