The Active Lifestyle of a Believer

A Life in Christ is an active lifestyle. There is nothing in the life of Jesus or in believers in the New Testament that equates to passivity. They were an active bunch! They lived like they were at a green light all the time!

They seized every opportunity to bring good news. Jesus seized the opportunity for a teachable moment with Mary and Martha. Jesus seized the opportunity for a miracle moment with the Syropheonician woman. Jesus seized a relational moment when He took James, John and Peter to the mountain.

The only thing that stands between you and living at a green light is fear. Fear acts like a continual red light, stepping between us and God-ordained opportunity. The more we receive God’s love and grace, the less room there is for fear. Grace paves the way for an active life in Christ. Love removes fear, making risk acceptable. It frees you to live like you’re at the green light. Receive God’s love and grace today. Take the risk and seize your opportunity today.

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