Being a Cheerful Giver

Our hearts determine if we are abundant financial giving for God’s purposes. 2 Corinthians 9:7 says that we should decide what to give in our heart and when we do so we become cheerful givers. Our heart is the thermometer of our attitude towards giving away money.

If your heart has been changed and conformed to God’s will for all areas of your life, including for your bank account, you can be a cheerful giver. Because your heart is transformed by God’s grace, you enjoy giving and do it generously and cheerfully. That is good news! We don’t have to be manipulated into giving when our heart has been changed. We don’t have to be motivated into giving because our heart has been transformed. We don’t have to be coerced into giving because we have decided in our hearts that it is God’s principle and his plan for our finances to be abundant, cheerful givers for His kingdom.

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