Do You Have a Father-Son or Father-Daughter Relationship with the Father?

The apostle Paul brought the revelation of grace to the church. His writings revealed the heart of the Father under the new covenant of faith and grace. He opens each of his letters with that heart, often with a greeting to all the saints using words like "grace", "mercy", and "peace". In 2nd Timothy chapter 1 Paul greets Timothy with the words “to my dear son”. Paul had a close relationship with Timothy. Timothy was his spiritual son in the faith and was personally mentored by Paul until going to Ephesus to lead that church. It was this father-son relationship reflecting the Heart of God.

God the Father sees each of us as his spiritual sons and daughters. Each day He desires to greet you by saying "my dear son" or "my dear daughter." If you can’t hear these words, perhaps you don’t have a father-son or father-daughter relationship with the Father. You can begin this today by accepting Jesus, His son. Then ask the Father to show you his heart.

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