The Father Has Affection For You

Did you know that the Father God actually has affection for you today? Jesus says in John 16:26-27 that, "The Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God." The word "love" in this scripture is phileo, meaning to have relational affection and tenderness toward someone. The Father has affection and tenderness toward you today.

As you drive to work, have a cup of coffee, or read the newspaper, know that He is emotional about you!! Yes, He is not some distant, runaway Father, who only shows up on special occasions. He is here and he is tuned into what you’re going through today. The Holy Spirit says that someone listening today just had a huge relational blowup and you’re wondering if God cares. God says, "Yes, I care and my heart is tender towards you even now. Reach out to me and I will fill you with sense of my phileo love. Reach out and touch me as my hand is already extended to you."

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