Invest It, Don't Hide It!

This week you may have looked at your 401(k) retirement plan and been discouraged with the return on your investment. You may even be considering moving your money to the ‘mattress fund’. (That’s the fund where you hide your money under your mattress thinking it’s the only way to save it.) But God is not a God of hiding anything-- including your money. He’s a God of investment.

His spiritual principles are principles of increase based upon the Parable of the Talents. Jesus gave us this principle to show us he wants increase in our financial lives. Increase comes from investing not burying your money. If you’re thinking today of putting your money in the ‘mattress fund’ you’re like the man in the parable who buried what the master gave him because of fear. But if you are secure in God’s love for you, you know based upon this Parable that He encourages investing for increase.

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