Jesus Is the Load Lifter

Until we are born again, all people live under the burden of guilt from sin. The ten commandments and the rest of the Old Covenant defined sin and set a benchmark for righteousness. The result was a heavy burden; a heavy load. It’s a load we are not designed to carry. People attempt to lift the load through self-help, psychology, secular therapy, drugs, sex, success, money, and even good works. Some even deny the existence of God attempting to remove the standard.

There is only one way to lift that load. It is through the one who met the standard of righteousness and took sin and guilt to the grave: Jesus Christ. When He arose from the grave he came up without the load. Jesus is the load lifter!

Once you are born again you are no longer guilty before God. If you’re feeling guilt and condemnation today it’s not coming from God the Father. His son, Jesus, already lifted the load. You are free from guilt and condemnation!

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