Life In the Sweet Spot

As a young boy I learned to play baseball. My favorite part of the game was hitting, and we only used wood bats. Hitting a baseball with a wood bat only feels good when you make contact with the ball in the ‘sweet spot’ of the bat. Hitting the sweet spot causes the ball to travel faster, and you have a better chance of getting a hit.

I learned to use the ‘sweet spot’ of the bat to drive the ball harder and increase my success in the game. It seemed that the season of baseball and hitting line drives off the sweet spot was my time, my hour. . . it what I was born to do. I now realize how blessed I was to play the game I loved on those long summer days. It was the abundant life for a boy. It was life in the ‘sweet spot’.

How is your life today? Is it like living in the sweet spot or is more like getting a fast ball off the bat handle? Jesus came to give you a life of living in the sweet spot. You're going to hit a few off the bat handle, but God has called you to a life where you feel like it’s your time, your hour, feeling like it’s what you were born to do. Seek Him-- he’ll show you the sweet spot.

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