Be Encouraged!

It’s the start of another busy day in your world. You’re headed out today to important meetings, to make critical decisions for family or business, or facing challenges to your faith. It’s another day not much different from yesterday or last week. You need encouragement to take on the day. Encouragement is powerful tool embraced in the gospel of Jesus Christ and most of us are desperate for it!

Paul constantly encouraged the believers to keep on in the faith. There was much opposition to joyfully walking out their faith. In the book of Acts we find the church in Antioch was ‘encouraged and strengthened’ by the message brought by the apostles. The early church needed encouragement. So do we. I want to assure you this morning: there is no problem you’re facing today that God cannot solve. There is no meeting, no decision, no faith challenge for which God has not equipped you. Be encouraged today: His Word says you have all you need this morning in Christ Jesus.

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