Embrace Encouragement

Everyone needs encouragement. None of us is immune to the effects of daily circumstances that can discourage and depress. But we often need a spiritual protein bar to get beyond it. As believers in Jesus Christ, we don’t have to live in discouragement. We don’t have to embrace depression. In fact Jesus gave us a divine protein bar through His power, His Spirit, His gifts, and His people that energize us to overcome every discouragement standing before us.

His gifts are like an energy bar. 1st Cor. 14:1-3 says that prophesy is for "strength, encouragement, and comfort." God planned to feed us with the protein of encouragement. He wants you to use those gifts to encourage others. Encouraged people are stronger, more optimistic, and hopeful than those embracing discouragement. Jesus desires to feed you with encouragement today. He is like a protein bar whose energy overcomes every circumstance that you face. Take and eat of Him today.

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