The Father of the Prodigal Son

This week I’ll be talking about the Father heart of God. One of the greatest examples of the Father’s heart is found in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son. This son demanded his inheritance early in life, squandered it in a wild lifestyle, and came back to his Dad in humility. The real power of this story is not the humility of the son, but the grace of the father. The Father extended grace, undeserved favor, to his long lost son. He greeted the son with gifts of fine clothing and a big celebration. And He did not demand an apology!

How many of us human fathers would have done that? God’s heart is giving and forgiving. The Father offers gifts to us while demanding nothing from us. We can accept His gifts, His grace, His mercy, or we can reject it. When we screw up, He opens his arms and celebrates our return. Both fathers and sons must seek the Father heart of God. It is a pathway to forgiveness and restoration.

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