Sow Encouragement in Other's Lives

The day is off to a hectic start and you’ve got some things on our mind. You may need a little encouragement today. Encouragement is a powerful aspect of the good news of the gospel. The Bible says in Heb. 3:13 we are to “encourage one another daily.” Yes it says ‘daily’!! We need daily encouragement, daily good news to keep on in the faith and face the challenges of the day.

A great way to be encouraged is to encourage someone else. Many people you meet today will need encouragement. Try encouraging them. Sow encouragement into their lives and you will reap encouragement in yours. You see, pessimistic, discouraging people seldom get encouragement from others because they sow discouragement. Ask the Lord for opportunities today to encourage someone else. Help them face their challenges and you will find yourself being encouraged in facing your own challenges!!

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