Prophecy Reveals God's Heart

This week I’m speaking on the subject of new covenant prophecy. Prophecy is a gift given by the Holy Spirit. 1st Cor. 14:3 says that "he who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort." We need prophecy in our churches, our home groups, and our marketplace ministries. It is one of God’s gifts to build us up.

Prophecy is speaking forth the mind and counsel of God by declaring that which cannot be known by natural means.
This is a common occurrence in our local church. In any one of our Sunday gatherings we may have one or more words of prophecy that reveal God’s heart for a specific person or for our church. It is exciting. It is filled with grace and mercy. It reflects the Father’s heart. The Bible says we should eagerly desire to prophesy! Ask God for that gift today.

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