Is There a Labor of Love You Can Do?

I recently returned from a ministry trip to Vietnam. What a trip! A team of nine people from Crossfire built two homes, ministered to children, and brought God’s word to hungry people. Crossfire raised money to buy materials for one home while our ministry partner in Asia raised a matching amount for the second home. Two very poor families wanted to replace their shanties with clean, sanitary shelter. Our team worked with local college students replacing shanties with beautiful homes for very poor people in the Mekong Delta. Our team brought the love of Jesus to those two families. It was like an early Christmas gift. We worked hard, but it was a labor of love.

As we approach the Christmas season, where can you do a labor of love? , As Christians, our first priority should be helping others. You may not be able to go to Vietnam, but you can go to your neighborhood and help someone this Christmas.

Pictured: Crossfire team members working on the labor of love: homes for two families in the Mekong Delta.

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