The Father Gave of Himself

This week I’ll be talking about Jesus-centered leadership. During this time of the year we do our season of celebrating Jesus birth and giving gifts at Christmas. A major element of Jesus centered leadership is giving. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Our Father God first gave Jesus to live as a man on earth. This was a huge commitment on God’s part to give his son, not only to live, but to die sacrificially for all of us.

The Father had to give of Himself, thus Jesus was born. Jesus then followed the Father’s example and gave of Himself, first by pouring himself out in teaching and ministry, then by going to the cross to die on behalf of all of us. What a gift of giving! Jesus-centered leadership always gives away. A Jesus-centered leader gives, not only at Christmas, but all year long. This Christmas, purpose in yourself to be a Jesus-centered leader.

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