Giving: A Subtle Condition of the Heart

This week I’m talking about Jesus-centered leadership. Giving of yourself is part of Jesus-centered leadership. Jesus told his twelve closest leaders, the apostles, very clearly in Matt. 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.” I’m sure you’ve given many gifts to people in your life but did you give them freely? Did you give them without conditions for repayment? When you give of yourself in leadership in your place of employment or in church do you do so without a condition of repaying you?

You are only truly free when you can give of your heart of leadership without the condition of loyalty or compensation from those you lead. This is a subtle condition of the heart. When you lead from this position of freedom then you truly are free as a leader. There is no formula for it except trusting in Jesus as the one who is loyal and compensates you. You won’t really know it until you’ve done it.

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