Walk In Grace As a Leader

This week I’m talking about Jesus-centered leadership. Giving of yourself is part of Jesus-centered leadership. Jesus told his twelve closest leaders, the apostles, very clearly in Matt. 10:8, “Freely you have received, freely give.” You can only freely give of yourself IF you have truly received God’s gift of freedom: His son Jesus and all that it means to be ‘free in Christ’. It is the gift of grace. A Jesus-centered leader has received freely the grace of Jesus as redemption from sin, freedom from sin, and entrance into eternal life.

You can’t be a Jesus-centered leader unless you have not only accepted Jesus, but also received His freedom in your life-- freely received deliverance from slavery to the junk in your life. A Jesus-centered leader is centered on the freedom Jesus gave you. You must be centered on walking out that freedom as an incredible gift of grace. Then you truly walk in grace, you walk in Jesus-centered freedom and leadership.

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