Last Days Leaders Will Be the Spiritual Lifeline in the World

This week I’m talking about Last Days Leadership. The Bible is very clear that the last days before the rapture will be chaotic and crisis-laden for people across the world. However, leaders who stand firm in Christ will see great and mighty works of God. Matt. 24:14 says we will be preaching the good news to all nations! Hallelujah!

Leaders in the last days will have much to rejoice in. As economic and political systems fracture, we will be pointing to the solution, the Provider, the one true God who can save, deliver, and provide order in the midst of chaos. Last days leaders will be prophetically declaring life in the midst of darkness and prosperity in the midst of poverty. We will be the spiritual lifeline to people who are looking for stability in the midst of systematic tremoring! So look forward in anticipation for what is about to happen!

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