Ring In the New Year With Prophecy

As I write this to each of you at Crossfire, I am reminded of the prophetic words and song given by the Holy Spirit last Sunday. They were words of encouragement and of challenge regarding the depth of His love, the depth of our love, and our warfare on behalf of others. I am reminded of Matt. 24:3-14 where Jesus declared in the last days there will be persecution, many turning away from the faith, wickedness will increase, and the love of many will grow cold, but "He who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

Greater grace even now overpowers the increase in wickedness. Where there is sin, grace abounds all the more. While many cannot believe in great grace, it simply IS. While many believers grow cold in their love for God, some will not. As the love of many grows cold the love of the remnant will heat up, will be fueled, will be stoked as never before. It is this deep love found in the remnant that will empower you to stand firm in faith, firm in belief, firm in righteousness, firm in character, firm in grace and firm in declaring the good news. It is this deep love from the bottomless well of God's grace that will power kingdom preaching to the whole world. It is this deep love that will cause many to war on behalf of those who have grown cold, even those unknown to you. It is this deep love that will cause last days leaders to rise up and move in His Spirit. It is this deep love that will testify to the nations of His character and goodness. There is good news in the last days as we move out from comfortable places into uncomfortable places. Yes, the remnant will move forward and it will be a testimony to all nations.

God is doing great things at Crossfire as we experience increase and move to new levels of walking and talking His message. I see only good things for us as a church, for our role in the body of Christ, and for our impact on nations in 2009. You are a part of what God is doing and is yet to do in our midst. May 2009 be so good in heart, soul, and body prosperity that you overflow abundantly to those around you.

Love in Christ,

Pastor Harvey

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