Trust in God's System, Not Man's System

The leading economic indicators in America point to a slowed economy. Whether you’re old or young, you are concerned about protecting your job and your investments today, or wondering about surviving in a future retirement scenario. Many of you have a knot in your stomach today as you ponder your financial future. The knot comes from the stress of the unknown of the economic system. It comes from placing your trust in the wrong system—man’s system. It doesn’t matter how much money you have saved, you’re going to be stressed out if you’ve placed your trust in man’s system.

The only way to get rid of that knot is to know that you’ve invested in God’s financial system. His system has a guaranteed return. You’ve been an abundant giver into His work on the earth, His church, His ministry, and His plans. If you’re not an abundant giver to His work, start today! Get rid of that and the knot in your stomach. Trust in His system by giving into it!!

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