We're Not Dating Jesus

This week I’ve been talking about the depth of our faith in Jesus. Many people attend evangelical churches but have a level of faith that is only skin deep. They’re dating the church and they’re dating Jesus. They’re just checking it out to determine if Jesus is worth a long term relationship.

If you’re looking for a church that’s more than skin deep, a church where the people are past the dating game, Crossfire is the church for you. We’re not dating Jesus. We are in an eternal relationship with Him. We don’t attend church, we are the church. We don’t see many ways to eternal life, we see one way to life: Jesus. As we live in difficult times, we embrace a faith that is deep, solid and unshakable. We are a dynamic, small church with a world-wide impact. Check us out this weekend in Centennial, Colorado near South University Blvd. and Arapahoe Road.

Pictured: Josh N. at the sound board before worship at Crossfire.

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