Are Americans Entitled to More?

This week I’m talking about last days leadership. The culture of America has become an entitlement culture. It’s a culture where people feel they deserve certain benefits of being American. They feel entitled to own a house, drive a new car, wear designer clothes, have a bigger flat screen TV, have low cost health care, high salaries, and cheap gasoline.

In reality we are entitled to none of these. We are very fortunate and blessed to have some of these some of the time, but there is a prevailing feeling that Americans are entitled to them. From God’s perspective, we are entitled only to death and hell because of the sin issue. He chose to extend His favor and blessing to us in the form of Jesus Christ. He offered His favor (Luke 4:18-19) not because we deserved it but because He desired it. Because of God’s goodness we can experience the culture of undeserved favor in our hearts and in our circumstances.

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