Crossfire Raises Up Last Days Leaders

This week I’ve been talking about Last Days Leadership. This kind of leader will go places others dare not go. This kind of leader will take risks that others will not. And this kind of leader will lay down their life for people they do not even know for the sake of the gospel.

Our ministry is raising up such leaders. We desire to build people, not buildings. We desire to have sending capacity, not seating capacity. Crossfire is such a ministry. We are a church that loves people and we reach people across the planet. We have a strong focus on sending people out to be effective for the kingdom of God; people who will put the kingdom of God first and the kingdom of man second. We’d love for you to visit this Sunday at 10am near south University Blvd. and Arapahoe Road.

Pictured: A sign in Brazil advertising a "miracle service" with Deborah Wittmier 2006.

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