Leaders Cannot Afford To Burn Wasted Energy

This week I’m talking about Last Days Leadership again. Jesus told us in Matt. Chapter 24 that bad things would happen as we lead up to the end times. However, there will be great opportunity to propel passion among the people who are firm in faith and steadfast in spirit. It will be the passion of the Spirit.

In the last days we will not be able to only rely upon our five senses to live each day. We will need the 6th dimension of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit will propel the passion of leaders to do things never thought possible. The Holy Spirit will propel leaders to touch people never thought touchable. We need the Holy Spirit of the book of Acts to lead in these last days. If you’re a leader in the body of Christ, you cannot afford to have programs and processes that are not initiated and ministered by the Holy Spirit. You can’t afford to burn your energy simply making people feel good.

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