Leaders Should Not Pamper

This week once again I’ll be talking about Last Days Leadership. Jesus told us in Matt. Chapter 24 that bad things would happen leading up to the end times. One of the signs Jesus mentioned was that the love of many would grow cold. They grow cold because church leadership pampers their five senses. The seeker-sensitive movement strives to attract and retain seekers by not offending or confronting. We then end up with people with shallow love-- a love that can grow cold quickly.

While most pastors so not seek to offend people, the preaching of the gospel will often do just that. Worshiping in spirit and in truth will often do just that. Declaring the abundance of God’s grace will even do just that. Allowing the Holy Spirit to move in His gifts will do just that. Last days leaders must not pamper the five senses, but rather ignite the fire of God’s spirit within those they lead.

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