We Receive God's Grace as Believers, Not as Leaders

This week I’m talking about last days leadership. Many leaders in the body of Christ have an entitlement attitude. This is an attitude founded in the belief that they deserve certain things from God and from people. The entitlement attitude is dangerous and undermines the very nature of our calling-- that of being a servant rather than of being served.

Many ministry leaders have gotten it all wrong; we don’t deserve anything simply because we are leaders. But by God’s grace we get to participate in His divine nature, to experience His love, to bask in His presence, and to receive his undeserved favor. And this, not because we are leaders, but because we are believers, not because of what we do, but because of what He did. The last days leader must return to the attitude of a servant, tossing away the attitude of entitlement. This is the only way we will reveal the heart of God to the people.

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