Are You Available, Willing, and Humble in Order to Hear God's Voice?

This week I’m talking about hearing the voice of God. We live in the era of grace, that supernatural favor with God. Whether you’re a businessman or businesswoman, a government official, or a pastor, prophet or other church leader, you can hear the voice of God. In fact, it is imperative that you hear the voice of God.

God’s voice comes to us in many ways: first by the scriptures, then by the still, small voice on the inside of us, sometimes by an audible voice, at other times by a vision or a dream, yet other times by a word of knowledge or a prophecy, and even by supernatural experiences through which God speaks to us. God has many ways to speak to us, but we must be available, willing, and humble to consistently hear His voice.

Are you available, willing, and humble in your heart? Are you really positioned to hear His voice? Next week I will tell you how to be positioned.

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