Four Ways to Prevent Entitlement Attitude in Your Children

This week I’m talking about last days leadership. Many people in our society live with a core belief that they are entitled. Our children grow up feeling entitled to the best of our world and demanding things from parents and other people to satisfy their entitlement.

Here are four ways to prevent this attitude developing in your children as they grow:
  1. Give them unconditional love, but conditional rewards.
  2. Teach them to associate with both the rich and the poor.
  3. Make them do dirty jobs; yes, those unsavory tasks that humble them, and
  4. Stop rescuing them from their bad choices. The more you rescue them the more they feel entitled to be rescued from their choices. A pattern of sowing to the flesh nature paves the way for them to harvest from that nature. As you allow that harvest, they will soon learn what they are really entitled to.

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