Paul Did Not Deserve Apostleship, Yet He Was An Apostle

A leader must function from a strong sense of humility yet operate in power and authority. Paul did it. He was very strong in the authority of his letters to the early churches, yet he was humble in that he knew he had been a culprit in persecuting the Church. He knew how bad he was in his own flesh, yet how powerful he was by God’s spirit. He said he did not deserve to be called an apostle, but he boldly said he was one and it was God’s grace that made it happen.

The last days leader must embrace humility and power, love and confrontation. We are what God has made us, not what we have made ourselves. We must operate in our anointing, our authority and our calling-- doing so out of the incredible knowledge it was Jesus that made it possible.

Pictured: Paul preaches on the grace of giving.

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