The Biggest Names in Ministry Are Not Always the Bigglest Names in the Kingdom

Humility is key for leaders to consistently hear God’s voice. Leaders who are humble find a supernatural flow of God’s voice in their lives. It is not about how much they prophesy, how well they preach, or how big the crowds at their meetings, but how consistently they hear the Father’s voice in a way that changes their own life to reflect Jesus.

Humility is a tangible characteristic of Jesus and the Father. It must be a tangible characteristic of every leader if they are to be truly effective for His kingdom and His purposes. The biggest names in ministry are not always the biggest names in God’s kingdom. His kingdom is about the name of Jesus, not the name of a minister. It is only in the heart of humility that a leader in the Body of Christ can truly hear God’s voice and walk in the Spirit. It there that we find rest, peace and true satisfaction that we are doing what we’re called to do.

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