Hearing Is Not a Guarantee For Doing

We’ve been on a spiritual journey for leaders the last few weeks regarding hearing the voice of God. You know from my previous writing that if you desire to consistently hear God’s voice, you must be available, willing, and humble in your heart toward His voice. We must have a sensitive heart towards the Father.

Many people complain about not hearing from God or that they feel God is not active in their life, yet they do not position their hearts to be available, willing, and humble to hear Him in the many ways He speaks. Even hearing the audible voice of God is no guarantee that the hearer will become a doer, no guarantee that the message will become rhema to your soul and spirit. It’s no guarantee because of the condition of the heart.

The heart must be soft towards the Father, and hard towards evil. Even a loud, audible voice of God may deflect off the surface of a hardened heart. The condition of your heart controls the sensitivity of your spiritual ears.

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