It's Not About Being In Ministry, It's About Being in Him

This week I’m talking about hearing the voice of God. We must be available, willing, and humble to hear His voice consistently. Here's one last thought on being willing before we move on to being humble. Many years ago I heard God’s voice calling me to be a pastor, but I hardened my heart toward that voice and that call. I offered my services in the local church, but did not like what I saw in the ministry. I did not like the control, manipulation and lack of grace by leadership. Therefore, I refused to listen--at least for a season.

In God’s goodness and grace, he reignited that call through a prophetic word, yes, through the voice of God. I finally said "yes" to His voice and to His call. It was not about me, it was about His kingdom. It was not about being in ministry, but about being in Him. God’s goodness led me to repentance, led me to change my mind to be willing to serve Him as a pastor. He can change your mind too.

Pictured: Pastor Harvey in Kenya a few years ago.

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