A Leadership Calling That Requires A Close Relationship With the Father

I’m continuing with the leadership series on hearing the voice of God. Today we segue to discussing hearing God’s voice as an audible voice. God spoke to Moses in an audible voice. It was a voice that Moses could physically hear, and in some cases, a voice that others could also hear. In Numbers chapter 12 God reminded Miriam and Aaron that while God spoke to prophets in visions, dreams, and riddles, He spoke to Moses clearly and face to face.

The call of leadership on Moses was so great and so filled with obstacles that it demanded a very clear, personal communication with the Father. This was in the era when God only chose one or two men or women to hear His voice. He communicated directly with a chosen few. It was also a leadership call that required a close relationship with the Father.

Does your leadership call require a closer relationship with the Father?

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