Stay Soft Toward Kingdom Purposes

To consistently hear His voice we must be willing to advance God’s agenda. His agenda is bigger than you. It’s about people. It’s about influencing people for His kingdom. Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross, but was willing to go as the son of God, as the savior of man. Paul didn’t want to stay on earth and suffer persecution for the gospel, but he was willing to stay to advance the kingdom of God.

If you want to consistently hear God’s voice, you must be willing to go where you don’t want to go and do what you don’t want to do. But there’s good news! Your heart can change and come into agreement with difficult tasks. As you hear His voice and stay soft towards his kingdom purposes, even difficult tasks become the desire of your heart. If you hear His voice, do not harden your heart. Great rewards come to you as are willing to hear His voice for His kingdom!


Garr300 said...

Hi, just hopped aboard Pastor Harvey.
For sure if you want to hear God's voice we have to step out of our closet of fear and trust God's plan and purpose not our own.Why freat about what God wants...It's our plans we should fear. His voice is clearer as we learn to allow and trust Him to use us (Much like a vessel)to serve out his anointing oil of love to the down trodden and broken hearted. I think the door that no man can shut is held open for us by God when we empty ourselves (as much as we can. Gal 2.20) for His use in this broken an lost world. So first we must REST IN HIM before His voice is Clear. Matt 11.28-29, and like, 'the poor in spirit', allows Heavenly power to open doors no one can close in our service for God's plan. Rev 3.20-22 and Rev 3.8

Harvey Wittmier said...

Garr300: Thanks for stopping in on the blog. You make a good point re: trusting Him. Trusting Him is key to hearing him. Trusting is a huge heart issue for most believers. Trusting is linked to our humility and willingness to truly rest in the finished work of the cross rather than our works, our ability to hear His voice, or our intellectual knowledge of doctrine. Resting in Him is another valid angle in this discussion. I have chosen three key elements to consistently hearing His voice; availability, willingness, and humility. In our more in depth teaching on Sundays we have gone into some of the aspects you mentioned in your post. Thanks for contributing!! Harvey

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