Truth Must Be Spiritually, Not Intellectually, Discerned

I’m continuing with the leadership series on hearing the voice of God. Paul told the believers in Corinth that the Word of Truth could not be understood by natural intelligence but must be ‘spiritually discerned’ (1Cor. 2:14). To spiritually discern implies that scripture is more than just words on paper. They are words to be spiritually understood in order for them to affect our life.

People can read the Bible and never get saved because they do not spiritually discern the Truth. They simply use intellect to try to understand and interpret. Even born-again believers can find themselves leaning upon intellect so much that the Bible becomes boring as they struggle to read it. Leaders cannot afford to be in such a position. We lean not unto our own understanding but unto a spiritual discernment to hear God’s voice in His written word.

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