Applying the Grid of Grace When Interpreting God's Voice

Last days leaders will hear the voice of God through the "grid" of grace. The Father’s heart is a heart of grace and mercy. One of Paul the Apostle’s greatest challenges was getting the Jewish believers to understand and embrace grace. He opened almost all of his letters with "grace and peace to you" or a similar phrase. Paul got his revelation and interpretation of grace directly from the Holy Spirit. It started on the road to Damascus and continued on for several years as he was equipped for the fullness of his ministry.

God’s voice can come from audible or inner voice, from dreams and visions, from spiritual impressions and experiences, or from preaching, teaching, and prophetic words. As you make yourself available to hear His voice, test it through the grid of grace. This is the grid of the New Covenant of faith in Jesus. This is the New Covenant of relying upon the work of Jesus, not the work of ourselves to be righteous and holy.

As you apply the grid of grace to hear from the Father, you’ll discover a powerful way to interpret and apply what you hear. As you do so, you will bless people in your sphere of influence; you’ll display love and power. The gifts of the Spirit will flow more freely and with power. The grid of grace is the heart of the Father.

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