The Condition of Your Heart Is More Important Than the Volume Level of God's Voice

Most Christians want God to speak audibly so they can (1) be sure it’s Him, (2) be clear on the message, and (3) feel confident in their actions. Yet the Hebrews, led by Moses, not only heard God’s audible voice, but experienced His presence and His power, only to tell Moses "you go hear from God and tell us what he says. . .the voice is too frightening for us" (Ex. 20:18,19).

We know that the Pharisees heard God, in the person of Jesus, speaking and doing miracles and still did not believe. The people of Lystra saw miracles and powerful preaching by the Paul yet refused to believe and even stoned him (Acts 14:8-20)! Judas lived with Jesus 24/7 and heard the voice of Jesus daily, yet he was willing to sell his relationship for a few pieces of silver.

The audible voice of God, when He chooses to use it, is no guarantee that the hearer will combine it with faith and act with conviction. The condition of your heart is more important than the volume level of the voice of God. More in the next post about the audible voice of God.

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