Let God Impress Upon Your Heart His Will

The Father very often speaks to us through impressions. As a leader, you must be open to spiritual impressions from the Father. Nehemiah was impressed to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. After rebuilding the wall, the Father spoke to Him through an impression. Nehemiah said, “So my God put it into my heart to assemble the nobles, the officials and the common people for registration by families” (Neh. 7:4,5). God wanted Nehemiah to register all the people in the city. There was no audible voice or gentle whisper from the throne room. God put it in his heart. Wow! What an awesome way to hear from the Lord!

He can put impressions into your heart as a way to speak His will to you and for you. He can also put it there to speak His will for your church, your ministry, your business. He is an awesome God who impresses us with His impressions. It is by the Holy Spirit, the Great Communicator, that He can plant something in us to lead others. Let Him impress you.

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