A Process of Interpretation For Leaders

Leaders must be confident of the interpretation of God’s voice before they can apply action to it. Then you can obey Him, respond to Him, and walk out whatever He has revealed to you. Application may take courage, discipline, and confidence that you truly heard His voice.

The Father spoke to Paul in Acts 16 as he was ministering in what is now central Turkey. Paul wanted to go farther west to minister but the Holy Spirit said "no," so Paul went northwest to Troas where the Voice of God spoke to him in a vision. The voice in the vision was clear “Come over to Macedonia and help us." The revelation came as a vision with a man vocalizing God’s direction.

Paul’s interpretation was something like this: "help is on the way, we’re coming to give you some good news in Macedonia." His application was to leave immediately, crossing the Aegean Sea and then proceeding on foot to Philippi where they stayed. Paul had to be confident in what he heard, his interpretation of what he heard, and his application of what he heard in order to bear fruit in his ministry.

Paul and his team had two documented converts, Lydia and the jailor. These two converts were the foundation of the new church in Philippi, a church who generously shared financially with Paul in future years. Last days leaders will follow this process to more fully walk in their calling, purpose and provision as they hear His voice.

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