Revelation, Interpretation, and Application

We’ve been talking about The Voice of God. Last days leaders need to hear the Father’s voice in the many ways He speaks to us. We have the written Word (the Bible), the audible voice, the inner voice or gentle whisper, and many other aspects of His voice that I will address later.

No matter which way God chooses to communicate and/or you choose to hear, you must be able to understand and respond to what He says. Leaders should use the following process as you listen to Him (1) revelation, (2) interpretation, and (3) application. If the Father speaks to you, He is revealing something from His heart to your heart for your benefit, and perhaps, for the benefit of others. This is revelation.

Revelation requires wisdom and understanding and must be measured against the plumb line of Truth. Ask yourself: does it line up with scripture? Does it reflect the nature of Christ? Does it reflect mercy and grace under the new covenant? If what you hear lines up with those conditions, then you can proceed with interpretation of what you heard.

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