Spaniels Versus Labradors

Many years ago I loved to hunt upland game birds (pheasants, grouse, prairie chickens) in the prairies of the U.S. (For international readers, this means I hunted these birds for sport and food.) I had a great hunting companion in my dog, a springer spaniel. My dog was very responsive to a gentle voice and my commands. She had a sensitive nature and needed little prodding or loud words to get her attention.

In contrast, I had a friend who owned a Labrador retriever. The Lab was a good hunting dog as well. However, the Lab required loud commands, even screaming at the top of the lungs, and sometimes a slap on the head to get his attention. Both were hunting dogs, but only one was a good listener who responded to the "gentle voice."

God the Father would like us all to be like the Springer spaniel; good listeners and quick responders to His voice. God is very willing to work with all the labrador retriever believers; however, they should not complain that God sounds angry (he’s really not) simply because it takes so much effort to get their attention. The fact is they’re not good listeners.

What kind of listener are you?

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