Does Response to the Voice You Hear Bring Good Fruit?

We are continuing our series on hearing the Voice of God by showing you how to test the voice you hear. I have described two tests so far: (1) does it have scriptural integrity of the new covenant, and (2) does it reflect the character of Christ. Now we move to test number 3: Does response to the voice bear good fruit? This is a more challenging test because it requires longer term experience to complete the test. You may obey the voice but not know the results for some time. Matt. 7:16 says that a good tree bears good fruit. It takes awhile to see if good fruit comes forth. The good news is that God’s grace will carry you through any difficulties if it was not the voice of God. Yes, that is good news!! We also know that responding to His voice will produce fruit in our hearts (Gal. 5). What is that fruit? It is the fruit of the spirit-led life. It is bringing positive attributes of the Father to our hearts. It’s good news to our soul, good news to our body, and good news to those around us.

These are the three primary tests of any voice you may hear and wonder if it is the Father speaking to you. You may think of other tests or bring more detail and clarity to those I’ve given you, but if you use these as your foundation, you won’t go wrong. The Father desires to talk to you in any way He can be heard. Listen, test, and respond each day and you will experience His kingdom in a peaceful and joyous way. “For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). The fruit of your leadership will increase.

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