Seeing By Spiritual Impression

Impressions are a very powerful way that the Holy Spirit speaks to us. Impressions are God’s influence on our feelings, physical senses, and our minds. Note that I said "God’s influence," not our natural influence. Paul was led by impressions from God. In Acts 14:9, a man was crippled and Paul looked directly at him and "saw that he had faith to be healed." He had and acted upon that impression and the man was healed. How do you "see" faith in someone? You "see" it by a spiritual impression.

You will find in the New Testament relatively few specific recordings of prophetic words, visions, dreams, or trances as the leaders of the church advanced the gospel. They were praying men and women. They were empowered by the Spirit, led by the Spirit, and encouraged by the Spirit, and simply went forward doing what God had called them to do, preaching the good news, healing the sick, and making disciples of all nations. The Father would often use more dramatic communication to change direction or get them through particularly tough times, but the normal ministry was that of being impressed to go and do the great commission every day, every week. As a leader, you must be open to God’s impressionistic language. It’s a powerful way he can talk to you.

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