Be Open to Receive Ministry From the People You Lead

Leaders must be open and receptive to God’s voice through people we lead. We often get so focused on what we must say and do that we miss out on what the Spirit of God may be saying to us through others within our circle of ministry. We need people around us who flow in the gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:1-11). 

The speaking gifts (wisdom, knowledge, tongues, interpretation, prophecy) are very important conveyors of God’s heart to us very often through people whom we lead. We must be open to hear from Him through people that may be within our sphere of authority. I often benefit from prophetic words spoken in our church by people whom I lead. Earlier this year I received a prophetic word from someone in our church that led to decisions I later made. This is good. 

As leaders, we spend the vast majority of our ministry time with people whom we lead. If we aren’t open to ministry from them-- the very people we have helped develop, mentor, and restore--then we exclude a huge slice of human messengers the Father can use as His voice.

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