Leaders Need God's Human Messengers In Our Lives

Leaders need God’s human messengers in our lives. We need preaching, teaching, and prophetic words to minister to us, encourage us, and to keep us focused on our call and purpose in His kingdom. As leaders, we must keep our spiritual ears tuned to the Father’s frequency as we listen to the people in our church, our ministry, and our family. They can be the Father’s human messengers in surprising and specific ways.

I am reminded of a time when Deborah and I were ministering to children in a large church here in Denver. We had children’s church on Sundays and often used puppets to communicate a message to the kids. Our youngest daughter, Katie, was in children’s church at the time and received from our ministry. One Sunday after church she came to us very upset because the puppets were talking directly to her about something in her life. She was upset that we would use the puppets to speak to her in children’s church. She believed that the message from the puppets was designed specifically for her and we had given the message to the puppets. In reality, though, we had used a puppet skit previously written by someone else. It had not been written to speak to Katie, but it was so relevant and specific that it was the voice of God in her life!

So it is with people in your sphere of influence. God can use those around you to minister to you and be the voice of God, if you're willing to listen.

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