Blended Beliefs: Who Knows What Happens When You Drink It?

The church is full of blended beliefs. Blended beliefs contain a little humanism, a little Christianity, a little metaphysical, a little pantheism, etc. Our almost universal access to knowledge has positioned all mankind, including the Church, to accept blended beliefs about who God is, who Jesus is, who we are, what is heaven, who is Satan, what is hell, etc.

Several years ago I preached a message on blended beliefs. I used an electric blender to illustrate what happens when we mix belief systems. The illustration is simple. Take an orange and put it in the blender, turn it on grinding the orange into juice. Add an apple thus blending the two. Add some beans. Add a potato. Add some dog poop. Add some cow manure. Add some of this and some of that. When it’s all blended together, the product is no longer identifiable as anything in particular. It’s a mixture of good and bad tastes; good and bad smells, good and bad nutrition. Who knows what will happen if you drink it??????

So it is with the church today. In America about 35-40% of people say they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but only 8% ascribe to the core tenants of Biblical Christianity. The church has a mixture of beliefs; a little of this and a little of that. Our role as leaders is to separate the good from the bad; to clarify that which nourishes from that which brings sickness; to identify that which has the aroma of the Holy Spirit versus that which has the aroma of demonic spirits. Be encouraged that you can do it. You can be the separator rather than the blender. You have the anointing and grace of God resident within you. You are called to bring clarity in the midst of blended beliefs.

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