Build Trust and Then Use Tools

I’m continuing today the topic of blended beliefs in the church. As leaders we are called to prepare and build people in the faith with an outcome of unity and maturity in Christ (Eph. 4:11-13). This call is certainly a challenge in a world of instant cyber access to any faith concept imaginable.

The Apostle Paul had the same call to prepare and build amidst a diversity of belief systems. He battled well-established belief systems from Greek, Asian, Jewish and Gnostic culture as he preached the message of Jesus Christ. In Paul’s day a church he planted may go many months of invasion by false teaching before he became aware. It would be additional weeks or months before he could send a letter to bring clarity to blended beliefs. Paul did not have the challenge of cyber access to undermine his work, but neither did the competition!

Today we have the same tools as the competition! Praise God, we are not limited to Sunday morning messages and traditional approaches to advance the good news of Jesus Christ. We can distribute virtually any of God’s good news via websites, streaming audio/video, facebook, twitter, TV, radio, books and CD’s. And, of course, by personal contact. Yes, Paul’s personal time and investment in the local church developed trust and credibility that served him well when he needed to stem the invasion of blended beliefs.

At the end of the day, the level of trust you develop with people in your sphere of ministry will serve as a sound platform to bring clarity to the invasion of other beliefs. Whether you do it through cyberspace or more traditional means, People tend to go with whom they trust. So leaders, gain trust. . .then use every tool available to bring the clarity of Jesus to the world.

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