Leaders Are Responsible for Offering Faith and Asking for Committment

Many leaders in the church are affirmed by the number of people they have rather than the depth of the people they have. The problem with that thinking is that many people attend evangelical churches but have a shallow level of faith. Such people are checking out the faith and checking out the church but have not really entered into agreement with it. It’s like they're dating the church and dating Jesus. They’re just checking it out to determine if Jesus is worth a long term relationship. They want to know if the local church is worthy of a long term commitment.

Leaders must confront those who are dating and ask for a decision. Either choose me or date someone else. Leaders must develop the people in their ministry or church to the point that they are past the dating game. We must preach Truth. We must offer an uncompromised presentation of Good News. We must declare there is only one way to eternal life-- Jesus and His resurrection. The difficult times in which we live require people to embrace a faith that is deep, solid and unshakable. Leaders are responsible for offering and developing that kind of faith.

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