We Have a Crisis of Belief in America

Over half of all people attending evangelical churches in America believe there are "many pathways to God", leading me to declare we have a crisis of belief! We are in a season of separation or satiation; a season where seekers are either separated from or become fully satiated in the things of the Spirit of God. We must help people see the clear choice and the consequences of each.

Within every human being is the innate desire to be connected to and immersed in the Holy Spirit. But our blended culture and beliefs muddy the water and blind the eyes of many. As leaders, we are responsible for creating the environment and presenting clear choices for people to choose Truth or choose deception. The Name of Jesus is clear. The choice for Jesus is unambiguous. The work of the cross is complete. The grace of God is unlimited. The fullness of Christ is available.

Just as Paul refused to stop preaching the Name, we as today’s leaders must refuse to let the culture muddy the water of the message of Good News. Go and preach to all nations the clarity of Christ!

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